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Weighted Moving Average

Weighted Moving Average – What is it and How to Calculate it?

Most traders will agree that technical indicators are at the heart of any trading strategy. Traders use them to analyze past price trends and patterns, as well as forecast future market m...
Candlestick Patterns

Candlestick Patterns – Complete Guide to Bearish and Bullish Candlesticks

Candlestick patterns (also known as “Japanese candlestick charts”) are the indicat...

1970s Crude Oil Shock

The 1970s were an interesting time for the United States economy, and the rest of ...

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Swing Trading

Swing Trading – Definition and Strategies

Aggregate Supply

Aggregate Supply Curve and Definition | Short and Long Run

pip, pipette & lot

What is a Pip and How to Calculate It?


Albert H Wiggin Portrait

Albert H. Wiggin: The Market Crash Millionaire

Albert H Wiggin is the picture of an old time banker. So much so that his face would fit nicely on the Mono...
Peter Schiff Silhouette Portrait

Peter Schiff

Peter Schiff was born in 1963 in New Haven, CT. This city is the home of Yale University, though this is no...
David Tepper Profile picture silhouette

David Tepper

Nick Leeson

Nick Leeson

Meredith Whitney

Meredith Whitney


Aroon Webinar

Indicator Insight: Aroon

You can also find Indicator Insight: Aroon on our YouTube. This webinar covers the following topics: Covering the Aroon technical analysis indicator. Diving in to trading strategies involving the A...
Asset Spotlight Japanese Yen

Asset Spotlight: Japanese Yen

You can also find Asset Spotlight: Japanese Yen on our YouTube. This webinar covers the following topics: Taking a look at the various, trade-able, Japanese instruments. Understanding economic hist...
Webinar - Sideways vs Trending Markets

Sideways vs Trending Markets

You can also find Sideways vs Trending Markets on our YouTube. This webinar covers the following topics: Understanding the core concepts and differences between sideways and trending markets. How t...

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British Interest Rates

British Interest Rates

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The Birth of Index Funds

La Ruta de la Seda

The Silk Road