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Paul David Hewson1 has been a very successful investor. Most people are not aware of this because he is better known as the frontman for the band U2 by his stage name, Bono.

He had a hand in creating many hit songs and made a lot of money as part of U2. What he has done with that money is also impressive. He is one of six co-founders of the private equity firm called Elevation Partners. Founded in 2004, this firm has assets of nearly two billion dollars.

Elevation have been involved with many big name companies. They invested $300 million to create a partnership between video game developers Bioware and Pandemic. They would later go on to buy them both for $860 Million.

The firm also has a 40% share of Forbes, which they bought for approximately $300 million.

Even more astounding than the above, they own a significant fraction of Facebook (reports range from 1.5% to 2.3%). This share is worth billions, meaning Bono is typically making more money from Elevation2 than from U2. Through prudent management by a small team, Elevation Partners has recently earned 11% per annum on its investments.

As a philanthropist, Bono often shares this wealth with those who need it. One of his best known causes is a charity he founded called DATA3 (Debt, AIDS, Trade, Africa), which helps African nations solve some of their pressing issues.

  1. Known as Bono
  2. Elevation Partners
  3. Debt, AIDS, Trade, Africa

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