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Are The Winds of Change are Coming to The Federal Reserve?

Once again, the time has come to appoint four new members to The Federal Reserve Board of Governors. Although the appointment of new members usually doesn’t result in any major monetary p...

The Ivory Tower

The World Economic Forum is a non-governmental organization that holds annual conf...

Tesla’s Final Stage

Everything has a limit, even Tesla. The company’s stocks experienced an explosive ...

Leaning Tower of PISA

Toyota Woven City

Europe 2020

USA 2020

Relative Economy

Tesla in 2019

Environmentally Friendly Trading

European Real Estate

Five Trillion Dollars

Becoming an Oracle

A Test of Bravery

Record Income

Helicopter Money

Back and Forth with The Fed

Who gets the last laugh?

The Beijing Connection

Libra and the Dollar

Tariffs Versus Exchange Rates

What is High-Frequency Trading?

Business and National Security

Crude Oil in Dire Straits

Bubble Hunt

Facebook’s Crypto Revolution

Rumors of a Bank Merger

High Frequency Trading and the 2010 Flash Crash

Margin in the 21st Century

Interest Rates & The Real Estate Market

Interesting Interest Rates

The Purchasing Managers’ Index

The Inflation Conversation

Oil Production Cap

Currency Hedging

Mark to Market and Settling Futures Contracts

A Clash of Two Policies

In Search of an Urban Legend

Consumer Prices and the Coming Deflation Wave

In Search of GDP Growth Forecasts

What was the author trying to say?

Three Competing Economies: US, China & EU

China’s Last-Ditch Effort

Emerging Market Bonds


Brexit – A Difficult Landing

Fighting Recession with Free Trade

A Flood of Soybeans

G20 Buenos-Aires Rendezvous

Different Trajectories

VIX Volatility Index

WTI-Brent Spread

The Price of Gold – Part 4

The Price of Gold – Part 3

The Price of Gold – Part 2

The Price of Gold – Part 1