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Earn2Trade’s Funding Partners Switch to Deel for Withdrawals

Starting from September 1, 2022, our prop firm partners are implementing some changes to the way withdrawals are processed. Withdrawals will be processed through Deel, a third-party contract- and payment provider service.

During the prop firm onboarding process, the necessary agreements between trader and prop firm will be signed and stored in Deel’s platform.

Using Deel has various advantages, including USD withdrawal, crypto withdrawal (crypto requires a Coinbase account), and ease of use. Deel can also provide withdrawals using PayPal, Payoneer, Revolut, and Wise.

The withdrawals have a cost of $10 per payment/withdrawal. However, the proprietary trading firms will waive this charge in its entirety for withdrawals above $500.

Please note that this service is offered by Deel Inc. (and subsidiaries) and, as such, constitutes a third-party service. Different conditions may apply depending on your country of origin, the payment provider you opt for (Paypal, Revolut, etc.), and their respective fee structure.
The conditions are liable to change at any time, and the trading prop firms reserve the right to change the applicable fees or to update the service conditions at any time.

This change will apply to all graduates of Earn2Trade’s trader funding programs, including those who pass the Gauntlet™, the Gauntlet Mini™, or the Trader Career Path.

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