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Earn2Trade and Jigsaw Partnership

We are happy to announce a partnership between Earn2Trade and Jigsaw. Earn2Trade Gauntlet™ participants will now have access to Journalytix trade analytics to help them maximize the returns from their trading efforts.

The Gauntlet™ is a 60 day trader examination that leads to a funded account at Earn2Trade’s Proprietary firm partner. Traders must meet a 10% profit target without exceeding a 10% drawdown limitation in a 60 day trial and if successful go on to be given a funded trading account. The Gauntlet™ provides a flexible environment for traders by permitting trading at all times, including overnight trading, with no trailing drawdown restriction.

Journalytix is the next generation automated trade analytics and journaling tool with a built-in real- time news feed. The tools reveal patterns in trading data that help traders understand what’s working for them and what isn’t. Traders not only get up to the minute analytical information about their day in terms of both P&L and Risk, they also get a heads up in terms of both scheduled economic releases and market moving news, tailored to events that are likely to impact their trading.

This partnership is geared towards giving Earn2Trade Gauntlet™ candidates an increased probability of passing and earning a funded account. “By integrating Journalytix directly into the Gauntlet™ dashboard, our candidates will have an unprecedented level of analytics available at their fingertips, at no additional cost.” remarked Ryan Masten, Founder of Earn2Trade LLC.

The partnership will also help candidates in terms of having the tools to recognize and maximize profitable trading behaviors, and also to avoid getting caught offside when the market switches from technical to news-driven. Peter Davies at Jigsaw commented “The Gauntlet™ is an amazing way for traders to disconnect themselves from the limitations of their own account balance. With this partnership, existing Journalytix users will benefit from continuity in their trading analytics as they move through the Gauntlet™ and beyond”.

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