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avoiding losses June 19, 2018

Avoiding Losses – Part 2

Last week we discussed two scenarios with equal losses and gains which still cause different experiences. Now, we move on with the two main goals you ...
monopoly June 14, 2018


First thing, the rules. Most people make house rules or simply don’t understand all the games rules. Good players often highlight that these factors often ...
avoid_losses June 12, 2018

Avoiding Losses – Part 1

Let’s take a minute to examine two situations. Scenario 1: You take a look at the chart for S&P futures closely for awhile, and decide to open a 3 ...
trading movies June 8, 2018

Fictional Trading Movies

In order of release date, here are some famous movies that involve trading, and a few tidbits about them. This lists movies that are either pure fiction or ...
forex June 5, 2018

Currency and the Forex market

A brief history of currency: In the early days of currency’s existence, the value of the currency was reflected entirely in the coin’s metal. This would be ...
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