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May 22, 2019

The History of Coffee

Most accounts pin the origin of the coffee plant back to Ethiopia, though there is no certain proof of this. The earliest proof of coffee being consumed by ...
April 8, 2019

The Cobra Effect

What happens when King Cobras face the King of Britain? Unintended consequences. The details are spotty, but the story of the Cobra Effect lives on. ...
March 11, 2019

Timothy Dexter

People say that it’s better to be lucky than good. Nothing embodies the meaning of this more than the story of Timothy Dexter.   Timothy Dexter was a ...
hyperinflation July 13, 2018

6 Countries Which Have Seen The Perils of Hyperinflation

Hyperinflation simply means prices rising quickly in an economy. The first definition of it ever put forth states that it’s beginning is marked by a month ...
South Sea bubbles May 5, 2018

South Sea Bubble

Great Britain founded a company known as The South Sea Company in 1711. It’s advertised purpose was to set up trade with South America. The problem here ...
May 1, 2018


Traders obviously want to earn money with their trading. However a much different goal is literally collecting money. As stated, the name for the study and ...
April 17, 2018

The Dutch East India Company

The Dutch East India Company was founded in 1602, with its base of operations in Amsterdam. The creation of this company — abbreviated to The VOC by the ...
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