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November 1, 2018

Jesse Livermore – Part 3

Having just made a pile of money from his previous shorting of Union Pacific, Jesse was ready for more action. The next move he was considering was ...
October 26, 2018

Jesse Livermore – Part 2

Jesse was ready to challenge himself in New York. This is the time in his life when his wild side started to show. He had the heart of a gambler and the ...
October 19, 2018

Jesse Livermore – Part 1

Jesse Livermore was born in 1877 in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts. He gained fame for his historic trading during the stock crashes of the early 1900s. Follow ...
September 27, 2018

Michael Burry – Part 3

Here we have Scion, piloted by Burry, full of CDSs. To him they are precious as gold, but this gold is on a ship and the seas are choppy. Michael Burry is ...
September 21, 2018

Michael Burry – Part 2

At this point Scion was born. Not just that, it had started in a completely unprecedented way. Michael Burry had just over a million dollars to play with. ...