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Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake has come a long way in his life. His first steps into fame came in his childhood, in “The All-New Mickey Mouse Club” and appearing on Star Search. Where he really cemented himself in pop culture was as a member of the hit boy band NSYNC. In 2002 NSYNC declared a hiatus, and around the same time, Justin launched his solo career. Nearly everything he has touched since turned to gold — including his first two records — which have both sold over 10 million copies.

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Timberlake’s talents go far beyond just his ability in music. After accomplishing all that you could ask for in the music industry, he went on to other entertainment avenues. From 2008 to 2012, he put his efforts into acting, with roles including Artie in Shrek the Third and Sean Parker in The Social Network.

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Investment Choices

Another talent that he uncovered in recent years is the ability to invest intelligently. In 2003 Timberlake opened a restaurant in California named Chi and followed this up in 2006-2007 with New York Restaurants Destino and Southern Hospitality. Also, in 2007, he launched a clothing line called William Rast with his long-time friend Trace.

On Timberlake’s website, you will find a tab titled Brands. It lists the brands that he is directly involved with and not simply paid to promote. You will find the aforementioned William Rast as well as Ful (travel gear), Sauza 901 (Justin’s version of premium tequila), and Mirimichi Green (an eco-friendly golf course in Memphis).

The inclusion of a golf course in the previous list is no coincidence. Golf has always been important to Justin. This comes from his Mom and Dad, who decided to take up golf since it was the best marriage of their favorite games of softball and chess, respectively. Justin has become further involved with golf as a lead partner in the Hurricane Junior Golf Tour. This is a golf tour in 32 states for girls and boys between the ages 8 to 18. He isn’t the only famous person in the mix. Tiger Woods is another lead partner.

Timberlake’s Other Businesses

In 2012 he also a part-owner of the Memphis Grizzlies, along with his wife, Jessica Biel. The inspiration for it was the fact that Justin was born and raised in Memphis, just like his investment in Mirimichi Green.

In 2014 Justin got involved with an audio company named AfterMaster Audio Labs Inc. They produce technology to enhance the quality of audio playback. The chip they produce can be included in just about any kind of audio technology. It makes the sound louder, clearer, and fuller.

Timberlake is even a major part of the ownership of the struggling website Myspace. In 2011 he bought it jointly with Specific Media Group for $35million, with Justin’s share of this figure remaining undisclosed. Since then, Time Inc. bought it in 2016.

Also, In 2016, Justin got involved with Bai Brands. This is a company that markets healthy juices, often with antioxidants. Once Justin came aboard, Bai released their first national commercial during the 2017 Super Bowl. It featured Christopher Walken and Justin in fancy smoking jackets. Walken reading lyrics to the NSYNC song Bye, Bye, Bye as a play on the name of the brand.

With all these investments, Justin is doing very well for himself. Not content to simply be one of the greatest pop stars of all times. He has now proven his abilities in investment. Estimates of his worth are a staggering $230 million.

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