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Gauntlet Mini™ Funded Trading Accounts Fully Support NinjaTrader®

We’re thrilled to announce that NinjaTrader® is once again available without the leader-follower system for funded traders on live accounts. It has been a long road, but Earn2Trade’s proprietary trading partners have managed to secure their side of the agreement, and we are delighted to announce this highly-anticipated change on their behalf.

Going forward you’ll be able to connect NinjaTrader® to your live account with the prop firm simply by entering your data feed credentials into the platform. With this change, Earn2Trade’s prop firm partners plan to no longer use the leader-follower system in any capacity in the future. Please note that you still need a paid version of NinjaTrader®, or already have a license before you can use your NinjaTrader® on a live account. The proprietary trading firms do not provide free licenses. If you would like to purchase a NinjaTrader® with a discount created for Earn2Trade users, please contact us, and we’ll get you in touch with NinjaTrader®’s sales department.

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