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Michelle Williams: The Actress Who Started Her Career As A Trader

Michelle Williams has had an interesting life. Starting off as a young actor, she was in shows such as Home Improvement and Baywatch. Her most recent work that most people will recognize is her role as Anne in the movie Venom (2018).

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What many people will likely not know is that she has also proven herself to be a successful trader!

Michelle Williams was 17 at the time that she won the Robbins World Cup of Futures Trading. A pretty exciting time for a teenager, considering she was also getting roles on large TV shows. She turned $10,000 in simulated funds into over $100,000, by trading in the futures market.

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Where did Michelle Williams learn to trade?

As impressive as that is, the story has a twist. Her father is the famous trader Larry Williams, a turn of events that reads like a script from an old episode of Dawson’s Creek. The guy even invented his own indicator, the Williams %R.

Many readers will think after this twist that her father obviously helped or possibly managed the account. After all, her father had won this same competition 10 years before. He actually holds the record return, at over 11,000% gains. Yes, that is a percentage, not dollars. He made it over a million with only 10,000.

Here is where the other twist in the story comes in. Michelle Williams was legally emancipated at the time! She had signed documents to confirm herself as a legal entity separate from her parents, and it would seem they were the opposite of close at the time. It seems Michelle may have had the skills herself.

Either way her acting skills are what she has since focused on. Already set to be a main role in Venom 2, we wish Michelle Williams the best, in or out of the markets!

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