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Multiple Funded Trading Accounts Available For The Gauntlet Mini™

Being the best trader evaluation program is no small task; that’s why we’re always trying to improve the Gauntlet Mini™. We’re happy to announce that traders who pass the test can now have multiple funded trading accounts simultaneously.

Traders can sign up for two or more Gauntlet Mini™ evaluations with different emails for each. If they do, they’ll receive a separate funded trading account for every evaluation they pass. Candidates who are confident they can manage multiple accounts simultaneously can use this feature to access more funds for a lower evaluation cost. For most traders, we suggest only trading a single account for the best results and to avoid losing focus.

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The Benefit of Multiple Funded Trading Accounts

Funded trading accounts can be either LiveSim or live with a broker. By default, the accounts are assigned to the same data feed user. In this case, the funded trader doesn’t have to pay exchange fees separately for each account. Please keep in mind that setting up multiple funded trading accounts may require a longer compliance process. In addition, the prop firms do not provide a leader-follower or other trade copy system between the accounts. You will need to trade them separately.

It’s also possible to keep an account stowed away for later use. However, you need to disclose when you intend to use the spare account and stick to a timeline you and the prop firms establish together. Should the account setup you require incur extra costs, the prop firms may require you to make that payment before setting up the accounts. For more details, check out the article on our help page.

Most day traders prefer to focus their attention on a single trading account. However, some can benefit from having more than one. We look forward to seeing the latter take advantage of this opportunity and succeed in the futures market their own way.

If you missed it, don’t forget to check out our previous announcement about the additional broker available for The Gauntlet Mini™.

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27 days ago

Is there a maximum number of funded accounts a trader can have?

Rodolfo S.
Rodolfo S.
14 days ago
Reply to  Rajah

Hi Rajah! At the moment there is a limit of 3 funded accounts that you can have on hold, but no limit whatsoever if you want to trade them simultaneously.

9 days ago

are we allowed to use a third party trade copier across several funded accounts?

Rodolfo S.
Rodolfo S.
8 days ago
Reply to  andreq

Hello! You can use any technology/strategies you like as long as it doesn’t break any of the rules, and if your platforms allows it. But please consider that we suggest only trading a single account for the best results and to avoid losing focus.