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Robert Downey Jr.

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Robert Downey Jr. is most famous for his role as Iron Man, the eccentric superhero. In real life, he is much more like Iron Man’s billionaire alter ego Tony Stark. In the last three years his investment company Downey Ventures made big investments in various companies. Downey Ventures is part of Team Downey, which is an entertainment company founded by Robert Downey Jr. and his wife, Susan Downey.


The first big investment was in the beginning of 2015. It was a Series A funding round, which raised $4.5 million to the online education platform, MasterClass. This was quickly followed by a Series B funding round with high-profile celebrity investors like the musician Usher and Downey himself. This round raised another $15 million for the learning platform to hire new instructors and widen the variety of the subject areas taught. MasterClass already has educational video courses with celebrities like Dustin Hoffman or Usher. According to MasterClass CEO David Rogier, they’re “not only changing how people learn, but [they’re] on [their] way to building the destination everyone goes to first to learn from the very best”.


The second big investment Downey Ventures made in June 2016 is not surprising from the real life Iron Man. He invested in the Series A funding that has raised $18.5 million for Loot Crate, a subscription startup in Los Angeles specialising in geek memorabilia. Now the fast-growing company offers 4 different categories to choose your monthly boxes from: pop culture, gaming, film & TV, and LootWear, which specialises in clothes and accessories. All the categories have subcategories, so fans can find their own favourites. Each box includes 4-7 items which could be anything from a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Pizza Cookbook to a Spider-Man Sleep Mask. According to CEO Chris Davis, Loot Crate is like “Comic-Con in a box”.


Downey made a good bet that Loot Crate will rocket into the sky like Iron Man. It’s nice to see him investing in the scene that has given him so much, and we are rooting for this hero.

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