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The Trader Career Path – How to Build Your Career as a Trader

To succeed in futures trading, you should always strive to improve. Working consistently and tirelessly towards achieving your goal will determine whether you will make it in the long run. While this might sound like a long and exhausting journey, the truth is that if you have the right kind of support, there’s nothing to fear. Hitting your goals could become just a matter of time. To help traders accomplish that, Earn2Trade introduces the Trader Career Path program – a new way to get funded as a trader.

Funded trader programs can be a springboard for launching your career as a trader. However, not all are created equal. Most don’t give you the sense of progression and struggle to match the pace of a trader’s growth curve. 

The Trader Career Path fixes that. It’s a funding program with a scaling plan, it supports you throughout your entire journey. From making the first steps in the virtual account to a funding offer with $200,000 in real capital at the end. The program gives you everything you need to conquer the futures markets.

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What Is the Trader Career Path?

The Trader Career Path helps you structure your trading journey by reflecting on your progress over time. The gradual achievement of different milestones gives you a clear roadmap and continuous motivation on the road to making it as a professional trader. The better you become, the more trading capital you will get.

So, how is it different from other funded trading programs? Funded trader programs offer a relatively quick pathway to becoming a professional trader. They provide learning opportunities in the form of a ruleset meant to encourage traders to follow best practices that can help them succeed in the long term. They teach you trading fundamentals, market mechanics, risk management strategies, and, most importantly – discipline. After successfully passing an evaluation, you receive a funded trading offer from a prop trading firm. That way, you can trade with their capital and retain the majority of the profits for yourself.

What most funded trader programs lack, however, is progression. They measure your trading skills at a particular point in time, without much consideration for how you might improve in the future. In reality, a trader becomes better by the minute and with every winning or losing trade. Funded trader programs should reflect that growth.

The Trader Career Path program offers you just that – a scaling plan that tracks your evolution as a trader at each step of your journey. It doesn’t lock you into a single account. Just the opposite – as you become better, you will be able to upgrade your account to one with more capital. That way, through trading and continually withdrawing your profit, you can build your way up to a $200,000 account.

How It Works

The program offers a straightforward scaling plan. Your journey will consist of three steps.

The first step is the evaluation phase, where you will have to manage an account with $25,000 in virtual capital. To successfully pass it, you will have to follow the four pre-defined trading rules and meet three goals.

The next step is getting your first funding offer from Earn2Trade’s partners – Helios Trader Group (US) and Appius Trading Limited (UK). At that point, you can proudly say you are a funded trader!

The third and last step in the process is building your way up and climbing the progression ladder. You will start with a capital of $25,000 – either through a Junior LiveSim or a Junior Live account. From there, it’s all up to your skills and determination. By showing proving your skills, you can progress through a series of Live accounts, including Junior ($25,000), Intermediate ($50,000), Advanced ($100,000), and Senior ($200,000). Each time you hit the target of your current account and withdraw your share of the profits (80%), you will move to the next tier.

What Are the Rules?

To pass the evaluation stage of the Trader Career Path program, you have to comply with the following rules:

1. Only trade during approved times

The evaluation requires you to have no open contracts or positions during a 1 hour and 50 minutes period, between 3:10 PM Central Time and 5:00 PM Central Time. In practice, this means you’ll generally be trading during the official market hours of the CME group. Otherwise, there are no restrictions, meaning you can freely trade during market events. Read more here.

2. Follow the progression ladder

The $25,000 accounts that you can trade at the early stages of your journey allow up to 3 contracts. For the $50,000 and $100,000 accounts, maximum contracts go up to 6 and 12, respectively. If you upgrade to the highest account, the $200,000 one, you will be able to trade up to 15 contracts. Traders are also required to build up their account balance, gradually adding more contracts, before being able to take full advantage of their maximum number of contracts. Learn more here.

3. Do not reach or dip below the daily loss

Each account has a particular daily loss limit requirement. It is based on the daily Profit & Loss, including both open (real-time/unrealized) and closed trades and commissions, for each trading day. Avoid going below your daily loss limit. Find out more here.

4. Do not reach or dip below the minimum account balance (EOD Drawdown)

When the market closes, the End-of-Day Drawdown (EOD) updates your minimum account balance based on your performance during the particular trading day. To avoid breaking the rule, keep your balance up and above your minimum account balance requirement by avoiding excessive volatility or relying on large price swings. You can learn more here.

5. Trade a minimum of 15 trading days

To pass the program, you need to open trades on a minimum of at least 15 days.

6. Maintain consistency

To meet this requirement, no trading day should account for 30% or more of your total Profit & Loss over the course of the examination period. If it does, you should continue trading and building up your account until those days make up a smaller percentage of your total profit, less than 30%. Learn more here.

What Happens After You Pass?

After you pass the evaluation, a proprietary trading firm will reach out to you and ask you to choose between a LiveSim or Live account with a capital of $25,000. While both accounts are very similar, there are some differences that you should keep in mind.

The LiveSim Account

The LiveSim account is a virtual account that allows you to continue sharpening your skills in a simulated environment while having the benefit of withdrawing your profit. Think of it as a bridge between trading on a simulator and trading on a live account. Furthermore, it grants you advantages like your first exchange for free if you certify as non-professional, faster setup time, and a NinjaTrader® license from Earn2Trade. This option is suitable for traders who want to mitigate the stress of live trading but still make money if they perform well.

The Live Account

The Live account interacts directly with the CME and allows you to send orders to exchanges of your choice. The setup time is a bit longer, but in the end, you will be trading a real futures account at a broker.

After that, anytime you successfully hit the profit targets for your current account and withdraw your share of the profit, your account will automatically upgrade to the next level, following the scaling plan.

Drawdown Types

Closely following each account’s trailing, fixed, or EOD drawdown requirement is pivotal for making it to the top.

The trailing drawdown is tied to your highest live account balance, including both open and closed equity. If your profit grows by $10, so does your minimum account balance. This includes open equity, so it’s a good idea to use take-profit orders to mitigate heavy price swings.

The fixed drawdown is the account balance you shouldn’t go below. For example, the fixed drawdown for the $200,000 account is $194,000.

The EOD drawdown is based on your trading account’s end-of-day balance.

Gauntlet Mini™ vs. Trader Career Path

Considering the success of the Gauntlet Mini program, you are probably wondering how the Trader Career Path can outshine it.

The truth is that both programs are fundamentally similar and can help you become a professional trader with equal success. The main difference is in the way they can do it.

The Gauntlet Mini program lets you start with an account size of your choice. Whether you want to go with the $25,000 or the $150,000, you can apply directly for whatever suits you best and build it up gradually. However, it doesn’t allow you to upgrade.

The Trader Career Path is a scaling plan that allows you to upgrade your account and withdraw your profits whenever you hit the goal. That way, you can make significant leaps at opportune moments. Furthermore, the Trader Career Path Program introduces an even higher account tier for the most successful traders. You can work your way up to the Senior Live Trading Account with $200,000 in starting capital. Besides, traders who manage to hit the $12,000 profit goal can withdraw $9,600 (the $12,000 profit goal – the propr firm’s 20%) and opt for a custom offer. The best traders can discuss with the trading firm the possibilities of a customized, larger size account with additional perks.

Funding Program Comparison

Trader Career Path (evaluation)Gauntlet Mini™(evaluation)Funded
FeesMonthly subscriptionMonthly subscriptionNo subscription feeNo subscription fee
MarketsAll four CME exchanges included in the price for non-professionalsAll four CME exchanges included in the price for non-professionalsExchanges are free if you are non-professional$105 per month for each exchange
AssetsAll CME futures contracts except for crypto futuresAll CME futures contracts except for crypto futuresAll CME futures contracts except for crypto futuresAll CME futures contracts except for crypto futures

Simply put, it can’t be said that there is a clear winner in the Gauntlet Mini™ vs. Trader Career Path. Both plans have their respective advantages and are suitable for traders with different needs. Thanks to both, we can give our users the best possible funded trader experience.  

How to Withdraw Your Profits?

The withdrawal policy of Earn2Trade’s funded trader programs is as easy as it gets since there are virtually no restrictions after you get funded. For example, you won’t have to accumulate a certain amount of money, trade for a specific period of time, or place a certain number of trades before you can withdraw.

Once you are funded, after meeting the profit target of each step, you will be able to withdraw 80% of your profits. You don’t even have to wait to accumulate the full profit target – you can withdraw any amount over $100. 

All withdrawal requests are processed once a week on Tuesdays. The payment methods are very flexible. You can choose to withdraw via bank wire transfer, direct ACH deposits, or PayPal. No withdrawal fees apply over $500. We advise you to place your withdrawal requests at least a day before to avoid delays. 

Furthermore, with the Trader Career Path Program, you are required to withdraw your profits each time you hit the profit target of your current account. Once you withdraw the entire profit, your account will be upgraded to a fresh one with more capital and an even more flexible drawdown requirement to work with.

For example, the profit goal of the Intermediate Live Trading Account ($50,000) is set at $3,000. Hitting it will ensure that you can withdraw $2,400 (the $3,000 profit goal – the 20% share of the prop firm). You can handle the withdrawals either by cashing out the entire sum at once or over several transactions.

Once you withdraw the amount specified by the profit target, your account will be automatically upgraded to the next tier – the Advanced Live Trading Account ($100,000).

Build Your Career as a Trader

The most successful traders of our time have one thing in common – they have gotten where they are thanks to their consistency and gradual improvement. Through continuous learning and progress, they have maintained a steady course in climbing the ladder of success.

We realize that the first steps in the trading world can be overwhelming. You don’t know where to start and what to prioritize. There is so much information and possibilities that the whole picture often seems too overwhelming.

The Trader Career Path helps you sort out the chaos by reflecting on your progress as a trader. The better and more experienced you become, the more sophisticated trading needs you will have. And the Trader Career Path gives you just that – a clear path towards trading professionally that backs you with more capital and better terms at each step of your journey. 

Our new program sets no boundaries and puts you in control of your journey. It is all up to you to make the jump from a junior to a senior trader and earn the opportunity to trade with $200,000 starting capital.

Get to know the Trader Career Path

We hope you enjoyed this article.

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