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The Trader Career Path – Earn2Trade’s Scaling Plan

Trader funding evaluations offer candidates access to large accounts if they can prove their skills. It’s a fantastic opportunity that lets them make the most of their abilities. However, traders don’t just stop at that level; they keep growing. Clear goals help them improve and reach even greater heights.

We feel that most similar programs lacked that sense of progression. That’s why we’re proud to announce the Trader Career Path, a trader funding program with a scaling plan. Set your sights on conquering the futures market with a funded trading account that upgrades based on your performance. Here’s how it works:

  1. Candidates start by taking a day trading evaluation on a $25,000 virtual account with four simple rules and three objectives.
  2. Traders who pass the test move on to a $25,000 funded trading account that they can withdraw 80% of their profit from.
  3. Once they withdraw $1,400 profit ($1,750 – 20%) from the $25,000 account, they’ll receive a new $50,000 funded trading account.
  4. After withdrawing $2,400 profit ($3,000 – 20%) from the $50,000 account, they’ll move on to a $100,000 account.
  5. Withdrawing $4,800 profit ($6,000 – 20%) from the $100,000 account moves them to a $200,000 account.
  6. Finally, after withdrawing $9,600 profit ($12,000 – 20%) from the $200,000 account, they’ll receive a custom offer.

We look forward to seeing traders take advantage of the opportunities offered by our scaling plan and hope to offer traders even more options in the future.

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Put your skills to the test with the Trader Career Path, our funding evaluation designed for traders to prove their skills and build a trading career. Traders who pass the evaluation get a funding offer from a proprietary trading firm and keep 80% of the profit they make from it. Don't miss this opportunity! Contact us to learn more. Take the first step towards your new trading career today